A Black Hole

Once there was a boy called Charlie.  He decided to go for a walk because there was a red hot sun, so he  brought his mother. While his mum was getting shopping, he decided to pick her a rose.  There  was a sign saying keep off the roses like normal he didn’t listen and kicked the sign down and carried in picking them. When his mum got back and they nearly were back at their house, Charlie’s mum said where he got the rose Charlie soon realised that the rose was sucking up him and his mother because it was a BLACK HOLE…

One thought on “A Black Hole”

  1. Great use of prompt two for this weeks task!
    The ending is a good twist and leaves us wondering what will happen to Charlie and his mum, where will they end up? Would they ever get back home?

    You have included some speech from Charlie’s mum but no speech marks, it is important to remember them when you are writing as it helps the reader understand who is talking and when. Your next task could be to try and remember to use them in your next piece of work.

    Here is a little example just as a reminder.
    Charlie’s mum said “include speech only here”.
    Charlie’s mum said “where did you get those roses from?”. Charlie soon realised…

    Well done on a super story! 🙂

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