Almost Extinct

At sundown, in the middle of Australia 2 boys (named Carlos and Bolt) were being driven around by Carlos’ dad in their brand new car. They were going around a tight bend in the road when they almost drove right into a beautiful tree when Carlos’s dad quickly put his foot on the brake. This tree was the only one in the world of it’s kind now and they almost made them extinct! Coincidentally, this tree looked even more pretty because it was lent to a side but this made it go to the middle of the full moon. The horizon at that time was lovely. Then after that, they saw red and blue flashing lights coming towards them in the distance. They quickly realized it was the police…

One thought on “Almost Extinct”

  1. This is a great story, love the twist at the end! You described the tree very well for us to create an image in our minds about the scenery around it. I like the ending too, it opens up new questions about the characters now and makes me want to know more..Good job! 🙂

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