Always double check

Nearly a century ago there was an army of ships with one mission – to kill a beast that roamed the waters.

After many weeks travelling, they got to a cave full of fish bones. They knew something was off ! Then, all of a sudden, there was a ferocious roar so loud that the sound waves pushed two men over .

Then they fired their cannons.  The explosions made the cave shake and rocks fell and covered the entrance.

They heard a screech of pain that sounded like wounded animal.

The next month the men returned home and went back to their families. then all of a sudden every man from the mission was turned to thick stone.

One thought on “Always double check”

  1. Hi Oscar! This was such an interesting backstory for the statue in the picture. I wonder what sort of animal it was, to be able to turn the soldiers to stone after its death. Perhaps a mythological creature? I really like your opening line in this story, as it sets the dramatic tone of what happens.

    Great work on this and keep writing!

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