animal comedy

Everybody was spreading rumours how King Bottom-head Elephant the 1st was lieing ’bout his name being King Bottom-head Elephant the 1st. In this case he needed this to stop so he made a meeting to say his speech, to the citizens of Butt kingdom. The meeting room was full of chatter until… the king arrived. Then the elephant delivered his speech, “I as your, butt king have heard the rumours, my name is really Bottom-head Elephant, us elephants should cheer each other on!” the butt king exclaimed as every citizen listened. “Do you remember when we had to cross the road because the chicken was on a vacation at McDonalds, we cheered each other on.” Sadly reader this has to end somewhere… BUY THIS MOVIE GET FREE 20 BOXES OF FERRERO ROCHER BUY 1 GET 20 FREE!