The Killing Angel

It was 7.30am and time to get ready for an exciting day at school…we were going on a school trip!! I arrived at school to find nobody there, so I decided to wait. Suddenly, as if I was in a dream this mysterious angel walked up to me with what seemed to be a butterfly in its hand. Then for no reason I blacked out. I awoke to see nothing but a whole room stained with blood and flesh looking outlines. Just as I had finished looking at the walls I heard footsteps coming from a distant corridor, they were faint but they were there. And then I saw it…a heap of bodies, at once I knew this person was on a killing spree…I had to try and escape.

The man in the mask

I was being chased by what seemed to be a man in an elephant mask. My heart thumping like a band of drum players. I was slowly coming to a stop but I had to power on. Finally I got to the town centre, it was deserted. I looked behind me, he was nowhere to be seen. I ran on, heading towards a wall, I couldn’t stop, there was nowhere to turn.

I woke in a dark room and there before me was the man in the mask. I could feel my heart beating faster than ever, I thought it might burst. That’s when the elephant delivered his speech, his voice boomed as he told me he was going to kill me. Suddenly I woke up in my bedroom, this nightmare was over .   

The Mineshaft

Walking down an old abandoned gravel path, every step I took, I was one step closer to possibly finding gold. Suddenly, I was there, the entrance to the mineshaft before me. My friend Viola was there waiting for me. ‘Are you sure it’s safe?’ she asked timidly. Even I wasn’t sure. Slowly and cautiously we entered the mine, covered in cobwebs we searched the cave for over an hour. I spotted something glistening,  I pelted over to it. It seemed to be an ancient bar of gold. I shouted with disbelief, it was in my grasp. Without warning, I heard cracks and pops throughout the mine. I knew I had just caused a cave in. All hope was lost, this was the end of the road.

Was he really there?

It was 11.30pm. I laid in bed thinking why can’t I sleep? So I thought, why not go for a little walk. I got dressed and went downstairs. As I stepped foot into the kitchen, my spine shivered as if saying ‘go back to bed somethings not right’. But I proceeded, my foot hit something hard. It was a brick pinning down a picture of me as a child , the strange thing was there was a hole through my head. Was I hallucinating I thought, after all, it was so late. I opened the door to go outside. There I saw a man standing on the driveway. That’s when I knew I should run…but there was nowhere to go, I just had to accept my fate. 

The deafening screams of the night

I was racing through the woods at high speed, I knew that if I looked back it might cost me my life. The high pitched screams were getting quieter when suddenly a branch tripped me up. I banged my head. The pain was excruciating but I had to go on so I picked myself up and ran. I heard a frog like croak, my foot sank into mud, I was at the swamp. I spotted the shack I lived in 10 years before, I knew I would be safe. As I approached, the door was locked from the inside. Then just as a hand grabbed me, I heard the same deafening screams echo through the night.