Stampy the talking elephant

Today we went to circus, I was super excited, I had heard amazing things about this circus including a talking elephant.

We watched in amazement as the dancers did lots of cartwheels, somersaults and the clowns made us all laugh.

I enjoyed eating popcorn and cheering all the performers along.

Next came the moment we had all been waiting for when the elephant delivered his speech!

“Hello hello hello, I hope you enjoyed today’s performance!”

 We were all so shocked that the elephant could really talk! Something I had never seen before.

It was the best day of my life.

animal comedy

Everybody was spreading rumours how King Bottom-head Elephant the 1st was lieing ’bout his name being King Bottom-head Elephant the 1st. In this case he needed this to stop so he made a meeting to say his speech, to the citizens of Butt kingdom. The meeting room was full of chatter until… the king arrived. Then the elephant delivered his speech, “I as your, butt king have heard the rumours, my name is really Bottom-head Elephant, us elephants should cheer each other on!” the butt king exclaimed as every citizen listened. “Do you remember when we had to cross the road because the chicken was on a vacation at McDonalds, we cheered each other on.” Sadly reader this has to end somewhere… BUY THIS MOVIE GET FREE 20 BOXES OF FERRERO ROCHER BUY 1 GET 20 FREE!

Gold treasure hunter?

Playing his ancient viola, was Bolt in his master bedroom. Bolt has always dreamt of being a musician one day but all of this changed when he went into the gloomy cave with his BFF Sky. Now he wanted to go back in there because he thought there was some gold treasure that the beast was guarding. Yes, the same beast, monster thing, whatever you want to call it, that Sky and Bolt had run away from when it was coming towards them. As soon as the beast was coming towards them it was like their hearts skipped a beat! As Bolt being himself he went back to the cave and eventually got lost. This wasn’t good because he had dropped his only source of light that shined very brightly and then when this clumsy kid dropped it, it broke.  He searched everywhere for the beast guarding the luxurious treasure but no sign until it came rushing towards Bolt and Bolt had no idea what was coming for him next… 

The Ancient Gold Coin

Once on a dark night in a desert, there was an archaeologist and he searched for gold day and night. He thought he was lost but he found an ancient temple so he tried to go inside but arrows flew past his face like ZOOM. and there was a giant rock, he found a switch and he pulled and viola! the rock moved out the way. He was inside when he saw a gold coin on a podium. He tried to take the gold coin, but then a boulder fell from the ceiling and he ran and he escaped safely…

The Viola

Two thousand years ago a wise man called Chester Alby found a gold ancient  Viola buried deeply in the black concrete laid in the enormous cave.

For years  people searched  for the lost Viola, but nobody could find it so Chester kept the Viola that was worth millions. Everybody always asked constantly for the Viola, however, he said no to everybody.

Twenty long years later, when Chester died, a huge black scary gorilla stole the gold Viola. The whole of Italy tried to hunt down the gorilla but no one could ever catch it! Will anyone ever manage to get the Viola…  Nobody knows…