Rainbow sun

“And here we are Ning , just as you wished,” dazed Light. Right now the two twins had nothing, no-one except from each-other in the real world of danger and uncontrollable misery.  All they wanted was an amazing view every now and then just like in the olden days especially in Sydney – the shimmering of the baby blue ocean and oh the sun’s eyes of blindness. Luckily, it was the day of a weird second Christmas a relationship harmony day.  Once a year every loved cared or just you by yourself would watch the sun set. Now this was no ordinary sunset it was called rainbow reflect. There were all of these colourful statues shaped as if they were some ancient soldiers for example: red statues would stand for bravery and honesty; yellow meant you were well trusted and loyal; and green meant you were a loving person known to love animals but could be mental at the same time. But the best out of all, was two things being called either red yellow or green.  The other one is where all of this started all of those mystical colours combining and casting the unknown spell of fifty rainbows and then goes white at first then goes into the wonderful pastel wonderland.  Now why don’t you listen to my life learning story and wonder…

At Sundown

On a deserted beach, that hasn’t been used in approximately 57 years and 28 days. Bolt and Nevel went on an adventurous trip, they did not know where they were at all. This was also quite mysterious because they took a bus and usually it tells you where you are going but this one didn’t. All of a sudden they stumbled across these brightly coloured of what seemed like manikins. These so-called manikins looked like they were from Night at the Museum because they looked like they would come to life whenever the sun went down and the moon came up! OH NO! It was sundown now.  From what Nevel and Bolt saw was that the manikins were moving right towards them!

The Questionnaire Girl

“Annabelle hurry we have to go,” said mum, “to see someone special.”                                                               “who what where,”replied Annabelle.
One day Annabelle and her mum were going to see someone they had never seen before. “Who what where?” Annabelle liked to keep asking questions.
They drove past the stinky horse stable beyond the lake and through the mystical fairy cave.                              They arrived in London.                                                       “We are going to see the Queen.”  
They walked up to the beautiful palace where they stood looking in awe until the guards let them in.  After a long walk down the corridor, they finally met the Queen. Annabelle whispered in disbelief, “who what where.”                                                                                                  

The creepy house


One day there was a little girl called Lola. When she was 5 years old, she came across a backpack. It was very heavy and black so she looked in it and there were keys and an address so of course she went to find the place. It was her birthday again and she was 11, when she found this house.  It looked old and dirty so she opened the door and it looked normal until she went up the the spiral staircase.  She wanted to see if it was damaged so she jumped, but landed on a banana peel then she was never to be seen again…





The Escaped Gorilla

It was a tempestuous day and in the zoo all of the animals were asleep except George the gorilla. George was the unruliest gorilla out all the 5. Their names were Grayson ,Graham,Georgina and Grace and of course our main character George. He was up eating a banana, so he would have enough energy for the journey ahead. You see George was planning an escape that would be carried out that night.


This was it he had jumped  over the big black heavy and damaged gates and got past the idiotic guards. He had finally escaped that wretched zoo. Now his life was about to start.