The chase

One beautiful sunny evening, Layla and her friends were on the outskirts of an abandoned town. This town has been abandoned for years it was hardly recognisable as a town it was full of derelict buildings. Layla heard lots of scary storyies about this town like there is this man who lives in the town who wears all black. His identity is anonymous. He thinks the town as his own and will do anything to keep it that way. Layla’s parents warned her to never go in that town. Layla’s friends started to walk in. Layla said, “That’s when I knew I should run.”

The lost dog

One evening, Lucky was on a walk with her owner named Josh. He was on his phone not paying attention to Lucky. Suddenly, Lucky slipped off her leash. So Josh was left walking with an empty leash. Lucky felt free as if she was on a field. She didn’t know where she or her owner was. Lucky knew she was near a lake because she heard the water swishing. And she could see the salmon jumping around. Suddenly she heard Josh shouting her name, but she was too intrigued by the fish.

Summer Gardner 

The Jungle

Once there was a raccoon, his name was Simon. He wanted to be like a bird because he thought it would be fun to look at the sky and the leaves in the trees. One day there was an explorer, Simon the raccoon didn’t know that the explorer was going to catch him, Simon walked over to him and then he nearly got caught! Surprising the explorer found him, the raccoon was running and running but the explorer didn’t stop until he got tired and sat in his camping chair. But then shortly after he had rested, unexpectedly the explorer caught him his box…


One windy Autumn evening, there was a girl named Eve who was 15 and was comfortably sitting on her small brown chair. Suddenly her pet raccoon named Zoe came to snuggle up on her lap.  She saw a brown leaf, red leaf, orange leaf and a yellow leaf fluttering down from the trees. Suddenly she heard a roar of thunder and a fork of lightning from the dark sky. Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw a small brown box and said, “what I thought I already took out all the recycling!” So she took out the small annoying box.

A cold night

Once there was a cold night which was as cold as the Antarctica some would say. Everybody had a blanket over them with the fire on. It all started as a nice sunny day, but then suddenly it just froze. Luckily we were sat in our garden so we just ran inside, all we know is someone had died at the same time. Later that night we found out that the same thing had happened a long  time ago. Suddenly the deafening scream echoed through the cold night because of the death of someone, we all sat there and shivered in fright. Next thing there was a knock on the door, it was…