The guilty conscience

One afternoon, two siblings named Jess and Jay needed some milk from the shops. He saw a video game that was £10.00. Jay went into his pocket and found out that he didn’t have his wallet so he couldn’t pay for it.”Jess I don’t have my wallet on me can u get me this video game for £10.00?” he said.
“NO get your own money!”she replied.
“Oh come on please!”he shouted.
“How many more times do I have to say NO!”she said.
So he said, “But should I really do this?”
“Do whatever I don’t care,”she said sarcastically.  So he slipped it into his jacket. But then he felt guilty.

The night sky

Once there was a boy called Dan, he wanted to go on an adventure with his friends. Their names were Jamie and Sam, they were planning to escape at night. “Why are we sneaking out?” asked Tom.“I think there is treasure!” answered Dan. “Come on guys, oh my I think I found something!” Dan’s friends slowly approached with him, his friends were telling him it is a trap but he didn’t listen. Suddenly a cage surrounded them. Tom bellowed, “I knew this wasn’t a good idea!” Something opened the cage and dragged us all into the darkness and we disappeared into the night. 

The Disappearance

One dark rainy night, two children named Mimi (who was 9) and James (who was 9). Went exploring and came across a large forest. James without hesitation started to walk in. Suddenly he started sprinting. Mimi shouted “JAMES WAIT”. So she started sprinting towards him. But James had disappeared. Suddenly someone or something pulled Mimi’s hair. She was terrified. Mimi screamed as loud as she could “AHHHH!”. She quickly turned around, but no one was there. Terrified she continued looking for James. We disappeared into the night.

The Night

 Once there was a dark night, it was as black as coal. The sound was as quiet as a mouse. The bushes and trees were all swiftly being blown by the breezy wind. Today the view is really good at the hotel. Everybody loves staying here because the people are so nice.  Everybody likes  the beach, water slides,  pools and  all sorts of entertainment. The place is filled with sunshine and there is over 150 hotel rooms! We are here for 2 weeks like most of the people here. It took us 2 hours to get here, it is great being here so better make the most of the next 2 weeks.

A Black Hole

Once there was a boy called Charlie.  He decided to go for a walk because there was a red hot sun, so he  brought his mother. While his mum was getting shopping, he decided to pick her a rose.  There  was a sign saying keep off the roses like normal he didn’t listen and kicked the sign down and carried in picking them. When his mum got back and they nearly were back at their house, Charlie’s mum said where he got the rose Charlie soon realised that the rose was sucking up him and his mother because it was a BLACK HOLE…