The Explorer

In Cancún, Mexico 1932, it was a bright, sunny day. An explorer was packing for his next adventure.
The adventure was in the Amazon Rainforest.
The day he left he was gifted with many things, but the one loved the most was the one his daughter gave him. It was a gold copper bracelet.
In the Rainforest he was trying to find a mysterious glowing frog. When he got there, he searched all over the place. But then he got lost! Instead of finding the glowing frog he found an ancient viola. And inside the viola was the glowing frog!!!

Glitch Girl

Once upon a night, there was a glitch girl who kills people in the dark. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night as she killed them one by one. Her name was Charlie. She died on the 13th of October because her parents saw her hanging out with another girl and they said stay away from us but she didn’t, so they shot her in the heart. So she wanted revenge on all human kind. But one day she killed someone, she didn’t know she did, so she was sent to a dirty prison and was never seen again!

Ghost Boy

One night, three boys went out to the woods at nine pm. They had sneaked outside and met in the woods for a camp fire but the oldest kid said, ‘’ I really like marshmallows, young one I dare you to eat a leaf!’’ The young one thought, but should I really do this? So he said, ‘’ NO!!!’’ the rest of the kids said, ‘’what!’’ so he was chucked out the group. Then a few hours later the gang thought they saw a ghost and it was! That boy who got chucked out got killed on the way home…

A Glow Appeared

It was an ordinary day, a glow appeared in the tall thin grass. It travelled elegantly and slowly and the mysterious glow faded as it went further and further away. The light spoke. And as there was no one around it spoke as loud as it could. Then it went into a tree, a fairly big and tall tree, and the light turned off and the voice grew louder. As it was winter there were no leaves left on the tree. Then the next night there was no light but the moon shone with mist! Is this good or bad…

Hazel and Willow

A long time ago, there was a young girl called Hazel. One day she went to the woods and found her best friend called Willow. They went through the woods, found a bow on the ground. She thought she heard someone screaming for help. Then later that day when they were playing tag, she saw someone in the trees. She shouted, ’Is that you Willow?’ Then Willow sneaked up on her and said, ’Boo!’ Then they both saw the person in the trees and Willow said, ‘Run!’ Hazel stopped her and said, ‘It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?’