Baby Bird

There I was flying in an aeroplane while I was painting a round cabbage grey. Also, my mum was having a baby. BANG! The baby flew out the window. A bird ate it. Everyone stood nervously and my mum threw me out the window. Luckily, I had a parachute. I landed on the bird that ate the baby. I found out the bird was the baby. I took it to mum. Mum said, “Where is the baby?” I said, “It’s in my hands, right here.” and passed it to mum. Mum looked really mad and shouted, “You’re adopted!” 

One thought on “Baby Bird”

  1. This is such a creative response to the challenge. There are so many unexpected things happening in your story. It can be quite difficult to write a story like this and make it seem believable. You were able to achieve this and your story flowed naturally. Well done.

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