Billy and NASA

One day Billy was riding on his bike to deliver pumpkins to NASA for the annual pumpkin robot contest. But as he was about to give the pumpkins to NASA, a giant evil robot bagel made him crash into a giant bale of hay. After 3 hours in the hay bale Billy got out but then he saw the world had been taken over by bagels! He found out that the bagel leader was someone called Ol666. He was a giant triangle that could take control of anything and give them powers. Luckily, Billy made enchilada bombs that he used to save the word and stop Ol666.

One thought on “Billy and NASA”

  1. When the story started I was very curious why NASA needed pumpkins and how it took Billy 3 hours to get out of the hay bale, but that quickly seemed secondary to the giant bagel robot, and why the robot was shaped like a bagel. I quite enjoyed the combination of the scary plot with the ridiculously silly elements like the enchilada bombs, and will just have to accept that there are some answers I am never going to know. Keep up the good knitting.

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