bloody honey

The bell went and I was in trouble. By the way I’m Winnie The Pooh But as a human. The police came and I sprinted out of there at the speed of a cheetah as they came in. I hid in a bush and found a pot of bloody honey . I ate it and I became an maniac I punched a police man and grabbed his shotgun and blasted it like mad. Then I was sent to a maniac prison but my amazing stories shall continue . There are lots of clones so I will break out soon.

2 thoughts on “bloody honey”

  1. Well that is pretty scary. I like how you provided evidence of how crazy your main character is…(punch police officer, using shotgun)…and your ending, more of the same. How scary! Well done.

  2. Hi Cath
    Thanks for the amazing comment. I tried to copy a horror film and I supose It was all right then.

    From Lacey (creator)

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