but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard

Once there was a boy called Charlie and he was playing with his friend called Casper. They were playing tennis.  Charlie hit the ball so hard it went next door. “Charlie why did you hit it so far?”

Charlie said, ” but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.”

“well now we have to go next door.”

“nooooo,”said Charlie, “that family is crazy.”  I saw the man playing with a mannequin and his daughter. ”

“Well, you either get the ball or it is no tennis for us,” said Casper.

4 thoughts on “but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard”

  1. dear Annie,
    hi again! I commented on your post last time, anyway I really liked your story something in particular I liked was how you added that the family next door was crazy and how the dad and daughter were playing with a mannequin. although i liked your story there is one thing that I wanted to say, whenever someone said something their speech always ended in Casper said or said Charlie I’m thinking that maybe you could have written it a bit differently like, Casper yelled or Charlie said sadly, that might of made things a bit more interesting… apart from that I really liked your story and you can visit my blog and my most recent post at: https://annalie56mps.edublogs.org/2022/03/18/the-dent/

    thankyou and I recommend you to visit my blog and leave a comment thanks again, from Annalie!

  2. Hey Annie! I loved your piece! I also loved how detailed you made it! I could visualize the scene of your story! The boys, the ball flying over the fence, and the neighbors! One thing I would recommend though is that you mostly ended your dialouge with”said,” you can write maybe “cried” or “shouted” instead! Good Job -Lyla from Illinois

  3. Hi Annie! I really enjoyed your story! One thing I really liked about it is that I could actually picture it in my head. Something I think you should watch out for is NTSSWTSW. A.k.a, ( No two sentences start with the same words). Happy writing! – Izzy from Illinois

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