Car in the Attic

Driving far away to an unknown land, in an old, rusty car about to run out of petrol when… “AAHHHHHHHHHH!” Screams heard across the country were heard by the English Union. There was a blasting light of whiteness, it was as white as a fresh piece of paper that has just been taken out of the packaging! Next thing they know they were looking into the inside of somebody’s attic! The very confused and petrified owner came out. “What on Earth has happened here!?” He asked frozen to the spot after looking at his beloved house that has been rudely broken by an old car that desperately needed repairing. After that, the police came rushing to the house in urgency…

3 thoughts on “Car in the Attic”

  1. What a great story. You have used language so well. I particularly liked your use of simile (white paper) and the other descriptive words you chose such as: unknown, petrified, desperately. Well done,

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