Christmas Day

When it  became Christmas, Lexi opened  all  of her presents.  She got her calendar  to cross off today. Lexi went out for dinner and she spilled  a lot of food on her white shirt, so she put the shirt  in the washing machine  because it  had a minuscule  sticky mark on it.  The  next morning,  Lexi and her mum went shopping for clothes.  When she came home, she put away her new clothes.  The next day,  Lexi did the same thing again, spilt food on herself.  Her mum got very angry,  so she  got some shoes to throw away…

One thought on “Christmas Day”

  1. Hello! Lexi sounds just like me. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I seem to always spill things on my clothes. My mum would be annoyed too. I like how you chose for Lexi’s stained shirt to be a white one because that is what usually happens and it’s never in a spot that won’t be noticed. Well done.

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