Crazy August

Hello I’m Elise and I’m gonna tell you about my crazy August. If you didn’t know my birthday is in August. On the 1st of August we went to a party. Then on 4th of August  we went on a walk with my dog called Patch. A few days later, on 7th of August we went on a steep cliff. We climbed, “I’m trying to hold on!” I shouted.  15th of August was my birthday. At the end of the month on 27th of August, I went and slept with a person called Lily, my mum and her mum we’re really good friends.  3 days later I went to a friends house.  So yeah that was my crazy August…

One thought on “Crazy August”

  1. Hello, yes I got tired just thinking about all the things that were happening in your “August”. I’m just joking but you were able to show through the listing of dates and different events just how busy and different each day was. Well done.

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