It was a lovely morning when suddenly it turned dark really fast and my mum got worried. It was horrible. I was frightened so I just went to bed but it was still dark.  I went downstairs to see my mum and turned on all the lights. I could see, and then I asked my mum if this was normal. She replied no and I was terrified. I went out and I didn’t see any people, so I went to a bakery so I could get some bread and cookies because I never do anything without cookies. My mum called me and said that it was just a power cut, but that it wasn’t in our house and that was weird and also a bit cool…

One thought on “darkness”

  1. Hiya, an exciting story this week! I was so curious to see what happened. Isn’t it so interesting how it just turned out to be a mysterious power cut? My favourite part was how you said that you can’t do anything without cookies! Technically and creatively, a great story. Thanks for letting me read, and have a great week!

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