Don’t take notice

Yesterday at 15:00 in the playground, I stood still in the dark, still wondering about the meaning of the mystical sign… The setting was horrible for this it was unforgettable really, so me being me, I grabbed my friends Tom,Toni and Rodger and I told them that it was an adventure to find the spirits upon the sign…  They were thoughtless and seemed like they were tired as dogs (probably from the mountain hike beforehand). So it was my adventure to conquer the sign.  It took several, seconds, minutes, hours, even days until I finally found the sign next to my house – still in the playground. “Oh no!” I saw what it said (reading cautiously) – Look behind you…BANG BANG BANG…

One thought on “Don’t take notice”

  1. Hello Jayden, this was an interesting response to the challenge. I like how you used words to grab the reader’s interest. Words like dark, mystical, horrible and unforgettable add to the mystery of the story. Well done.

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