Five gifts in 24 hours

When I woke up, I saw my Mom and I had breakfast in bed because I was getting five gifts in twenty four hours. My first gift was my very own vehicle and it was my favourite colour blue (like Everton).  It had been two hours and it was time for my next gift and it was a music player.  Straight after that my mom and dad booked in a rock climbing session and I climbed so far up and I got down before them and then we went to my next gift… It was a little puppy, it was so furry and a goldish brown colour. And my last gift was  another pet but it was a sloth and it was very slow, but I was tired so I went to sleep with my two little pets. 

One thought on “Five gifts in 24 hours”

  1. I like the way your story describes the five different gifts, Lilly-May. It all follows very logically and I really like the ending where you curl up with your two new pets. Your description of the puppy is very clear, ‘so furry and a goldish brown colour’ and I also like the way you manage to give a mention to your favourite football club too!

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