Football Disaster

When I was  younger, I played football and I was allowed to play with my friends outside.  When I was playing, I once  said, ”but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.”  I had hit the wall in front garden and there was a large  mark on the white painted wall!  When I went home, I got in soooo much trouble. I wasn’t allowed to go outside for nearly a month. I was really sad. “I’m sorry!” I said again and again. It didn’t work.  I was still grounded.

2 thoughts on “Football Disaster”

  1. hey, faith!
    your piece had some humor behind it which I thought was nice and funny and added something to the story that I can’t really explain lol. But one thing I feel you could fix for the future is maybe more details? Because I could understand and follow the story but it felt very vague to me, also you are about ten words off from one hundred. But otherwise, it’s great!
    ~Addison/Addi from Illinois

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