Ghost Boy

One night, three boys went out to the woods at nine pm. They had sneaked outside and met in the woods for a camp fire but the oldest kid said, ‘’ I really like marshmallows, young one I dare you to eat a leaf!’’ The young one thought, but should I really do this? So he said, ‘’ NO!!!’’ the rest of the kids said, ‘’what!’’ so he was chucked out the group. Then a few hours later the gang thought they saw a ghost and it was! That boy who got chucked out got killed on the way home…

One thought on “Ghost Boy”

  1. This is a great story line, the ending is a good way to end an introduction, we have to wait and find out what happens to the other children, do they make it out of the woods?
    For future writing, could you include some adjectives on these topics from this story? You could aim to use at least 2 adjectives or similes to help add that little more description for your readers 🙂
    – The woods
    – The night
    – The characters

    Good luck and keep story writing!

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