Glitch Girl

Once upon a night, there was a glitch girl who kills people in the dark. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night as she killed them one by one. Her name was Charlie. She died on the 13th of October because her parents saw her hanging out with another girl and they said stay away from us but she didn’t, so they shot her in the heart. So she wanted revenge on all human kind. But one day she killed someone, she didn’t know she did, so she was sent to a dirty prison and was never seen again!

One thought on “Glitch Girl”

  1. Hello Anwen, your story was fairly gruesome with lots of killing. I didn’t know what a “glitch girl” was so I looked it up; a new learning for me. I think you made some good language choices considering the genre of your story. “…one by one” makes the killing sound much worse and “…shot in her heart” makes it seem more tragic because the heart is a symbol for love.

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