going on holiday

One day there was a little boy called Jack who was on his six weeks off school, so his mum surprised him with a holiday. His mum said he could invite a friend and he chose William, his best friend. They going on a plane but Jack did not know, he thought  he was going to his Nan’s house.  When he got there, he knew mum was joking about Nan’s house.  When the plane landed he was at Greece. They went to a big hotel which was white all over.  he went to his room to go unpack. Then he went to see a big castle.  It was so hot the castle was knocked down but you could still see a bit of it. on the floor there were so many leaves because it was autumn.  Then they went to a crafty museum where there was a man rolling paint on a big piece of paper.

One thought on “going on holiday”

  1. Hi Katie
    How exciting to be surprised with a holiday and especially a holiday to Greece. I like how you wrote this story and created the characters Jack and his friend William. You have used the prompt words very effectively to tell a lovely story where everyone seemed happy. I loved the idea of the crafty museum and I’m wondering what was the main painting on the big piece of paper. Well done.
    Máire O”Keeffe (Team 100wc)
    Galway, Ireland

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