Harry Potter and the Horror Prison

Harry and Lacey were roller skating when they got a call from Hospital Wing. Still in  yellow roller skates, they sped at the speed of light but then they got stopped by a lake. They kept going and the lake  got smaller, then it was tiny. When they got to the hospital, they saw Ron, Hermione and Fred in a plain  hospital bed where scary spirits were being unleashed. ”What happened?” said Harry. Then the pixies came in and grabbed Lacey and Harry by the hair and threw them in a prison cell. One week later, they had a plan which they put into action that night…

One thought on “Harry Potter and the Horror Prison”

  1. hi, lacey! i really enjoyed your piece!
    one thing i liked was how you made it as if it was another harry potter movie, and it was very creative!
    something i would recommend is; you changed the scenes really quickly and fast, and you didn’t include the word, swam. i see you were most likely going to include the word with the lake part, but you forgot it! it was a very interesting story though!
    -gabi from illinois!<3

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