Hazel and Willow

A long time ago, there was a young girl called Hazel. One day she went to the woods and found her best friend called Willow. They went through the woods, found a bow on the ground. She thought she heard someone screaming for help. Then later that day when they were playing tag, she saw someone in the trees. She shouted, ’Is that you Willow?’ Then Willow sneaked up on her and said, ’Boo!’ Then they both saw the person in the trees and Willow said, ‘Run!’ Hazel stopped her and said, ‘It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?’

One thought on “Hazel and Willow”

  1. Fab story! Well done, I like the choice of a bow as the object found in your story, it is very unique and original to use and opens up the chance for the reader to ask who does the bow belong too? Will there be a new character added later in the story?

    The ending is great too, it leaves suspense for us asking why does Hazel stop and say that? Why does she not just want to run away, what is the twist?

    A challenge for you next: To use some verbs throughout the story. For this piece, you could have used some great verbs to describe the characters, what are Hazel and Willow like if you had to use 2/3 words to describe them? Could you add some description about the woods so it creates an image for the reader?

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