Help Me!

It  was  just  another  day  at  Hogwarts…

Then  I  saw  Hermion  and  Ron  with  Professor  Dumbledore  in  his  office.

I  knew  that  something  was  going  on, because  he  looked  sad.  Then  I  went  up  to  him and he  said  to  me,  ‘Harry  you  must  keep  your  eye  out  all  the  time.’  

So  I replied, ‘Ok’.

Then  it  got  darker  and  darker  and  I  heard  a  boring  sound.  When  it  was  the  next  day,  I  saw  professor  Dumbledore and  I  said,  ‘What  did  you  mean  when  you  said  keep  my  eye  out ?’

‘There is  a  monster  in  the  castle  and it  is coming  to   get  you  and  it  won’t  stop.  I  don’t  know  why  it  wants  to  get  you,  but we  will  stop  it  Harry  I  promise…’

One thought on “Help Me!”

  1. Hello Lilly-May,

    Another Harry Potter fan…? I know I am.

    I hadn’t thought of the photo as a part of the Harry Potter world but then I remembered the costumed ghosts drifting around the Great Hall and corridors of Hogwarts and realised it would be a perfect addition. Well done!

    I wonder what this adventure might be entitled if it became a part of the fantastic series? Could it be dealing with adventures of the children of Harry and Ginny plus Ron and Hermione? I think I would want to read that adventure.

    Keep writing and sharing!

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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