Honey I Shrunk the Three Men

The three men had been shrunk by a shrink-ray previously in my last story. There was a mum, dad and three children. The dad made a shrink-ray and the three children got shrunk.They managed to get outside and had some crazy adventures. I didn’t say this in my last story but the mum died. Back to my current story. So, the three men found the three children and one of the men said, “How are you small like us?” One of the children said, “I got shrunk by my dad’s shrink-ray.” One of the men said, “What address?” and one of the kids said, “82 Honeysuckle Lane.” Just to let you know that address isn’t real. Anyway, they found a spider and one of the kids said, “Agh Johnny, what are you doing here?” One of the men wasn’t fast enough and got eaten. The other two found a snail shell and hid inside and the children got lost in some Lego.