I was just trying to model

Hi, once not so long ago I was modelling for a newspaper! Me and my friend go there a few times to model or watch other  people modelling. One day, there were mini models with a very big leaf, and a really big snail. My friend was thinking how it could be so big! Until the snail crashed through his front door and into his house.  He left slowly and carefully going outside.  All I heard was women and men screaming at the top of their lungs! Sadly over 10 people died that day all because of the snail…

2 thoughts on “I was just trying to model”

  1. Wow! That story took a very unexpected turn. I would think death by giant snail is pretty rare.

  2. This is an interesting response. The image of the snail is so good. I can just see it…moving slowly and creating havoc wherever it went. Well done.

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