invasion of magic

Once a school was  going on a trip to a  castle,  but they didn’t know their lives would be changed forever.  When they  got there, they saw a giant shadow above them,  so they quickly went into the castle.  When someone looked  through the window, they saw something strange “THERE’S GIANT FIREBALLS HEADING TOWARDS THE CASTLE!!!!!” shouted a boy . Everybody was panicking, that a fire ball had hit the castle.  Then  a cat robot turned into a cannon and started firing ice balls . “HOW DID THAT CAT TURN INTO A CANNON?”  screamed a boy

“I came here to stop the magical animals from invading.”

Then a dragon came crashing  through the door “well at least  you used the door” said a girl  “don’t worry I’m not one of  the invaders ” said  the dragon   “well this is weird” said a boy.