Let me see part 1



It was just a normal day, but when I came home, my sister had a weird box.  She kept it in her room but I couldn’t go in.  One day she went out, so I went in.  She wasn’t gone for long and she caught me.  Then I said, “I just had had to see what was inside of it.” Then my sister said, “It’s just photos of me and you and everyone in our family.  It’s the family photo box.”

“Oops  sorry, but can I see it.”I asked.

We sat on her bed and looked at the photos and then it was tea time and I went to bed. 

2 thoughts on “Let me see part 1”

  1. Hello! It’s interesting how we are drawn so much to mystery things isn’t it? I like how your mystery weird box actually had something normal and good in it. I think it was good how you showed it was good to take an interest in your family through the photos. Well done.

  2. Hello Lilly-May,

    A beautifully written scene of two sisters with one of them having a weird box. I am impressed how you describe the narrator being caught in the act, how she answers on seeing her sister; overall its well scripted. Keep up the good work and keep writing, Lilly-May.

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