One  day  I  was  going  on  holiday  with  my  friend’s  Bella, William and  Katie  and I  knew  that  it  would  be  great.  When  we  first  landed  in  Germany,  we   did  not  know  any  German  words.  Then  the  next  day  we all  went  to  this  white  castle  and  they  taught  us  how  to  talk  in  German.  Then  after  that  me  and  my  friends  could all speak German.  After that,  we  went  to eat  some  German  food  and  it  was  so  good.  Next  we  went  to  the  zoo where there were some lemurs rolling round  and  it  was  funny and  then  we  went  back  to  are  hotel.  We   had  to  go  back  home  for  school,  but  we  did  have  a  lot  of  fun  there.

2 thoughts on “LET’S GO ON HOLIDAY!”

  1. Wow… I wish I was able to learn German that quickly. What about the other words? I imagined the lemurs rolling around in leaves, although I’m not sure how I’d imagine crafty.

  2. Sounds like a lovely and eventful trip to Germany! Enjoyed reading the story and the creative ways of incorporating the words into your story and it would be interesting to fit ‘crafty’ into it!

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