Metal scarecrow

I was going round collecting corn when I saw something so I ran to it. It took thirty minutes.   It was a metal scarecrow, but it looked like it was real. I saw eyes and they were moving.  I ran back to the farm house.  I was very tired and when I got back, it was lunch. I was very thirsty and my Mum asked why I said, “I saw something and it was a metal scarecrow.”    The next day I realised the scarecrow had moved –  it was very CREEPY!!!

The next day, I was checking the animals when I saw the scarecrow in the animal area…


One thought on “Metal scarecrow”

  1. I loved your story, especially the end when you fainted. It actually made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

    Michelle, Team 100wc
    Melbourne, Australia

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