My Birthday party…

Today was my 11th birthday, when I woke a found a note that read “Where do you find food?” it must be a clue to my presents!

I knew I had to go to the kitchen where I found a pile of presents, I excitedly opened them all up, In the last present was another clue, it said “Go put your boots on.”

In my boot was a clue that said, “Wow I cant believe you are 11, now go outside!”

I opened the door and then i saw it, the biggest best birthday present ever! A horse!

I am so lucky.

One thought on “My Birthday party…”

  1. I love your 100WC. I enjoyed the suspense of finding the clues, and then the surprise at the end. The prompt worked really well in this scenario too. Fantastic.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New ZEaland

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