My day got destroyed

Hi my name is Gracie  and my friend Evie is here because we are having a sleep over. ‘Can we have ice cream?’ said Evie.

‘Yes I knew you would say that,’said Gracie

But first they went outside their orange house and saw a little dog limping. They helped it out, after it cried they let it go.  Gracie was devastated, slowly after a while they watched a scary  movie and after that the telephone went off.  Evie went to go and check it out and it was my brother  Oscar asking for a towel so Gracie brought one up .

2 thoughts on “My day got destroyed”

  1. Hello!
    Good job incorporating all the prompt’s required words in your story. One question I have was why Gracie devastated they let the dog go? Devastated expresses a strong emotion, so having a brief explanation of why Gracie felt so badly would strengthen your entry more.
    Keep writing!
    Francine (Team 100)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

  2. Hi thanks for commenting on my post I would like to see what you post so I will have a look at your post. at first I was struggling at first but then i got a hang of it
    thanks for commenting
    from Evie

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