My Florida diary

Dear diary,

The 9 hour plane ride, I went outside to feel the sun. The heat was unbearable, so  I got my teal tennis hat but it was still hot. I went to the pool at the hotel and got in a swimming suit and got on some goggles. Then I pencil jumped into the deep end. 2 hours later, we had a little chill out in the hotel and watched ”The Little Mermaid,” After  that I went to bed and watched another film called ”Despicable Me” . As I said last night, I will write.

I hope to see you soon…

One thought on “My Florida diary”

  1. Hello Lacey,
    A hot day after a nine hour plane ride, a swimming pool and the chance to watch some good animation film sounds like a great way to spend your time on a hot day. Well done.
    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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