Mystical Mysteries

Mysteriously, I crept around with an undecoded number code gently placed in my top pocket, which was discovered in a rusty and ancient oak chest. The undiscovered meaning of the code had numbers,  which were :15111 201855 4151518 914 6151851920. Just gazing at them with no ending made me dazed until…I finally cracked the unexpected to appear code after like a feeling of a decade went by.  At first I thought I was going mad, but then on the other hand, I could be right.  I guessed the code was oak tree door in forest.There was  only a one in 100% chance it was.  And of course, me being the dumb person I was, I set off.  The river rapidly flowed by me. The birds were singing in the last few milli seconds of the rose gold sunset.  As I gazed at the sky, I bumped into a very rough thing.

It was the rusty ancient door – right there in front of me. Now what do I do….