No sign of the mysterious child

Beyond the gloomy  lake as dark as the night sky was a rusty sign! Melvin then wanders by taking no notice of the sign and missing the DO NOT ENTER information on it.
After a short walk day-dreaming in his own little world, Melvin suddenly dropped into a open sewer drain, full of fat rats. SPLASH! After what felt like a long drop, he hit the icy stinking sewerage water at the bottom.
Before something even more scary happened, something squishy was under his foot.  It was a rat! Melvin really should have payed some attention to  the DO NOT ENTER sign…



One thought on “No sign of the mysterious child”

  1. Aimee-Louise this story has a great beginning which invites the reader in, and because you have used paragraphs to break up your ideas, it is easy to read as well. We like the storyline, and the use of capitals and other punctuation, however, you seem to have missed out the key ingredient – THE PROMPT!
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