Oversized Emu

A single sign in the desert read; ‘massive blizzards up ahead’. This wasn’t a good sign due to they were heading right towards it! Something had a huge kick at the car, every passenger freaked out. A brave passenger decided to go outside and see what it was. It was, unfortunately, an oversized emu! He rushed back into the oddly dented car and drove as fast as they could to get away from the frightening thing. This oversized emu was deadly. It bashed on the roof of the car only to make a huge hole in the top. (The driver said it would be a very good skylight). Curiously there was a single flower growing in the distance with the aluminous sun banging down on it. The dangerous emu fell asleep in the hot sun but then the people in the ruined car ran into a bigger problem…  

One thought on “Oversized Emu”

  1. Wow, fantastic story Chloe! It is easy to imagine being a passenger in this car as you have talked about their feelings and used some really descriptive words throughout the passage. I love the suspense on the end where you have mentioned a bigger problem up ahead but not said what it was, it has me hooked! Keep up your incredible story writing!

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