controlled (part 2 of possessed arctic)

“I needed to think quick of a plan to escape my death!” exclaimed Gerald. “I could have hit them but I was there to find out what was killing them not to kill them. I tried looking everywhere to see if there was anything suspicious!” Everybody could imagine what he was going through. “And then I saw it… The cameras were covered in something that seemed to be… BLOOD! Now I know, how could blood do anything? BUT, this blood was black. If the cameras weren’t white I would have never noticed!” The whole world was in suspense. “Now I had to take those cameras off them by not getting attacked especially now that they are possessed for some weird reason.” Do you think Gerald had any back up plans?

The selfish penguin

One day in the cold Antarctic, there was a large rookery of penguins. They were really close and good friends except for one penguin her name is Penny she is known as the selfish penguin. The other penguins kept away from her except for one her name is Polly. All the other penguins warned Polly about all the things she has done to them and how selfish she is.  Polly didn’t believe them and told them “its not nice to say false thing about other people!”.  One day, Polly said to Penny “please can you sit on my egg and keep it warm while I go get some fish?”
Penny said “no i need a nap!”.  And then I saw it how selfish she really was.

My Birthday party…

Today was my 11th birthday, when I woke a found a note that read “Where do you find food?” it must be a clue to my presents!

I knew I had to go to the kitchen where I found a pile of presents, I excitedly opened them all up, In the last present was another clue, it said “Go put your boots on.”

In my boot was a clue that said, “Wow I cant believe you are 11, now go outside!”

I opened the door and then i saw it, the biggest best birthday present ever! A horse!

I am so lucky.

The Killing Angel

It was 7.30am and time to get ready for an exciting day at school…we were going on a school trip!! I arrived at school to find nobody there, so I decided to wait. Suddenly, as if I was in a dream this mysterious angel walked up to me with what seemed to be a butterfly in its hand. Then for no reason I blacked out. I awoke to see nothing but a whole room stained with blood and flesh looking outlines. Just as I had finished looking at the walls I heard footsteps coming from a distant corridor, they were faint but they were there. And then I saw it…a heap of bodies, at once I knew this person was on a killing spree…I had to try and escape.

possessed arctic

“So, this happend about this week last year!” exclaimed Gerald. ” I was on my mission of tracking down polar bears and other animals to see what is killing them, I put a camera on this 1 polar bear very silently,” he carried on. (His stories would always make you shiver because of the suspense and and creepiness.) “I carried on with my mission until… I HAD TO JUMP OUT OF THE CAR!” The suspense got everybody thinking, what could possibly have happend? ” The polar bear with the camera suddenly looked possessed by something it’s eyes turned bloody red… the same happend with all the other animals with the cameras! Somehow all the other animals without the cameras were acting normal and their eyes weren’t bloody red!” The world now was shivering and thinking what had possibly happened…