Ignoring the Warnings

It was spring, there was a massive flower field by the park.  Me, John and Bella were stunned by the view.  We wanted to make flower angels and daisy chains but Bella was sceptical. “We shouldn’t go in there!” she whined. She pointed to a sign saying “Keep off” but we ignored anyways.

We stepped in, nothing happened. We flopped down, but it felt like pins. Underneath were small nettles, spiking our legs. Then, mosquitoes surrounded us, the pain was excruciating.  As we ran, birds swooped down trying to eat the insects but they missed. “Not so strong now!” Bella sniggered.

Don’t take notice

Yesterday at 15:00 in the playground, I stood still in the dark, still wondering about the meaning of the mystical sign… The setting was horrible for this it was unforgettable really, so me being me, I grabbed my friends Tom,Toni and Rodger and I told them that it was an adventure to find the spirits upon the sign…  They were thoughtless and seemed like they were tired as dogs (probably from the mountain hike beforehand). So it was my adventure to conquer the sign.  It took several, seconds, minutes, hours, even days until I finally found the sign next to my house – still in the playground. “Oh no!” I saw what it said (reading cautiously) – Look behind you…BANG BANG BANG…

The Monstrous Door

Once upon a time, there was a little boy called James Benedict.  He saw a worn down house when he was going home to school.  He walked towards the house and rung the doorbell.  The door swung at him knocking him unconscious.  His vision was blurry, but he could see someone dragging him inside. He woke up pinned to the wall by his clothes. He tried taking his clothes off, but that was impossible where the nails were.  He didn’t know what the man was going to do to him,  He was horrified by how terribly scary he was…


The haunted house

A million thoughts went through my head – do I want to come see what’s beneath this haunted house. I took my first step and it made me realize that there was a myth just like this about a black doorbell like black coal.  It was too late: I froze like solid ice.  Nobody was around it was at the back of an alley surely someone must live here.  Ripped wallpaper scruffy carpets then suddenly a creak loud as a squeal caught my vision. I ran, but I fell over. I saw a dark figure.  It created a shadow over me then suddenly something happened..


Mystical Mysteries

Mysteriously, I crept around with an undecoded number code gently placed in my top pocket, which was discovered in a rusty and ancient oak chest. The undiscovered meaning of the code had numbers,  which were :15111 201855 4151518 914 6151851920. Just gazing at them with no ending made me dazed until…I finally cracked the unexpected to appear code after like a feeling of a decade went by.  At first I thought I was going mad, but then on the other hand, I could be right.  I guessed the code was oak tree door in forest.There was  only a one in 100% chance it was.  And of course, me being the dumb person I was, I set off.  The river rapidly flowed by me. The birds were singing in the last few milli seconds of the rose gold sunset.  As I gazed at the sky, I bumped into a very rough thing.

It was the rusty ancient door – right there in front of me. Now what do I do….