The mysterious lock

There once were 2 children named Lizzie and Joel who wandered into the mysterious dark forest that no one dared to enter.  These kids were like no other – these kids were dare devils. They would do anything.  Suddenly the kids found something  – a historical structure.  The structure’s bolts holding it together were rusting.  Suddenly they saw a rusty lock on the door. “A lock!” shouted Lizzie.

“Ugh how do we get in?”said Joel.
“HOW AM I MEANT TO KNOW!”shouted Lizzie.

“jeez!”Joel shouted.  They saw a code engraved on the wall it read 9162. Lizzie said, “Let’s try that,”.Lizzie entered “9162”.

A  voice giggled then the door creaked open.  They entered then they were never seen again…

A moonlit night

In the dead of night, two determined boys went into the deepest and darkest forest there is. They came across a mysterious house, as soon as they approached it the broken, dislocated door opened with a deafening CREAK! It was finally opened, then they both looked in and what the two boys saw was unspeakable. Even though the door was wide, open Bolt still rang the sticky ancient door bell with strange cave-man markings and to top it all off a picture of an elephant on top. When he rang this bell, what happened is that a bunch of black smoke came up and figures appeared and what they saw was…

The shed in the darkness

Once upon a time there was a boy called Bruce and one day he came across a shed.  For many days he just ignored it, but one day curiosity came to him.  He had to open it, but did he dare go in alone!  The answer was no, so he got his friends Jane, Jim and Lily. One day they were at school when they saw the door open.  They were trying to see what was behind the door, but they couldn’t see what it was.  After school they went to investigate it when the door opened and they were never to be seen again.

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