The Fall

One day there was a group of four children. Their names were Daisy, Hazel, George and Alexander.They were out on a picnic halfway up a mountain called Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for the summer holidays.
While they were eating, George said, ” After we have finished eating we should climb right to the very top of this mountain.
” WOW what a brilliant idea,” said Daisy and Hazel in sync.
” Did you know that this mountain is 5,895 metres tall?” exclaimed Alexander with a sarcastic tone so he could mimic what his sister would sound like. When they reached the top of the mountain, George said, “Let’s play tag!” So they played tag. Then there was a deafening scream. They all rushed over to the edge of the mountain. There was Alexander hanging on by two hands.
“Hold on!” shouted Hazel.
“I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted.
Then he fell…

Never Ignore Warning Signs

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Zack Scott and a girl named Cassandra. And one day they decided to go on a nice bike ride, but there’s a twist, they saw a path with a sign that said: Warning Cliff Ahead. But they weren’t scared, they went up it and Zack fell.  He grabbed on to the ledge, he was scared, “Cass, Help! I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted but Cassandra didn’t care it was like she was possessed and she was! She was possessed by Cthulhu! She left him… Zack was never seen again.


No sign of the mysterious child

Beyond the gloomy  lake as dark as the night sky was a rusty sign! Melvin then wanders by taking no notice of the sign and missing the DO NOT ENTER information on it.
After a short walk day-dreaming in his own little world, Melvin suddenly dropped into a open sewer drain, full of fat rats. SPLASH! After what felt like a long drop, he hit the icy stinking sewerage water at the bottom.
Before something even more scary happened, something squishy was under his foot.  It was a rat! Melvin really should have payed some attention to  the DO NOT ENTER sign…



Ignoring the Warnings

It was spring, there was a massive flower field by the park.  Me, John and Bella were stunned by the view.  We wanted to make flower angels and daisy chains but Bella was sceptical. “We shouldn’t go in there!” she whined. She pointed to a sign saying “Keep off” but we ignored anyways.

We stepped in, nothing happened. We flopped down, but it felt like pins. Underneath were small nettles, spiking our legs. Then, mosquitoes surrounded us, the pain was excruciating.  As we ran, birds swooped down trying to eat the insects but they missed. “Not so strong now!” Bella sniggered.

Don’t take notice

Yesterday at 15:00 in the playground, I stood still in the dark, still wondering about the meaning of the mystical sign… The setting was horrible for this it was unforgettable really, so me being me, I grabbed my friends Tom,Toni and Rodger and I told them that it was an adventure to find the spirits upon the sign…  They were thoughtless and seemed like they were tired as dogs (probably from the mountain hike beforehand). So it was my adventure to conquer the sign.  It took several, seconds, minutes, hours, even days until I finally found the sign next to my house – still in the playground. “Oh no!” I saw what it said (reading cautiously) – Look behind you…BANG BANG BANG…