The pollutions needs to stop

Once there was a huge place that had many long chimneys smoking all over the clouds.  The smoke was falling down to the animals. Then it went to farms killing their crops and animals.  Cars were causing pollution. Eventually a man came with many animals.  He protected them.  He had seen all the people and animals look miserable and he found a way to use electricity instead of fossil fuels. He even made cars to use electric chimneys that had bubbles of steel to block the smoke coming out of the chimneys. Everything that used to be fossil fuels was now made of electric. Everyone was happy.

Power day

Today our power went out. So my dad had to go to the power station  to ask for help and to come to our house.  My mum was shocked. I was really worried because I didn’t know what was happening.  My  dad said stay calm. It was really strange because normally there’s no power cuts so my parents were worried that someone powered it out. So of course someone came to fix it.  My mum was relieved that the power was back.  Then my dad said let’s buy a camera to see if anyone comes to our house.  Now I’m happy .

The cosmic plant

One tragic day a meteor struck. It fell  into a country then something magical happened. A cosmic plant had been planted. 2 days later a person came and took the plant to Steamy Plants where they look  at plants.  Little did they know the cosmic plant was an alien  called Ollie watching people. When he got there, he was scared that he might die without air and be exposed in public then he had an idea.  That night Ollie transformed  into an alien and then he ran to the meteor, got in then he went to space never to be seen again.

The Evacuate House

One day I was walking to work when I saw a scientist.  My boss didn’t see him because he was asleep. He was pouring petrol all over the floor.  He lit the petrol and the building went up in flames. I was on the top top floor and I ran in and pressed the button.  The emergency alarm went off and the whole industry stopped.  The red alarm was louder then you screaming at the top of your voice.  Everybody was afraid and they were running as fast as they could.  It was urgent! They had to evacuate the building…

The meteor strike

There once was a town called Flower town. I’m called Lily. When I went to school, my classmate Rose was shouting, ”THERE IS A METEOR”. Then my teacher looked up to see the meteor and screamed at the red, yellow and brown meteor.  ”EVERYONE,EVACUATE THE SCHOOL!” Everyone knew this was urgent and they were all afraid but did what the teacher said. “We need to warn the school industry. Lily,you go and tell all the classes.” I had no choice but to do it, so I did.  Soon classes came running out of school and all the teachers and pupils thanked me.