My diary


Dear diary,

My name is Blossom and I am from Germany and I am twelve.  So I will tell you what kind of person I am:  I am very  shy and my favourite food is cabbage also, I hate bangs.  But the person who I hate is my dad, because he buys me grey clothes and a grey car.  I don’t know how to even drive – he is crazy.  2 hours later, I was sitting in my room reading but when I finished my book, I went downstairs for a little snack and then I saw my dad spinning around on the stairs.  He was saying go away.  When I went nervously closer to my dad,  he banished me away. 

Baby Bird

There I was flying in an aeroplane while I was painting a round cabbage grey. Also, my mum was having a baby. BANG! The baby flew out the window. A bird ate it. Everyone stood nervously and my mum threw me out the window. Luckily, I had a parachute. I landed on the bird that ate the baby. I found out the bird was the baby. I took it to mum. Mum said, “Where is the baby?” I said, “It’s in my hands, right here.” and passed it to mum. Mum looked really mad and shouted, “You’re adopted!” 

The cabbage

Who like’s cabbage? I do! My name is Joshua fiddler AND I LOVE CABBAGE. CABBAGE’S MY FAVOURITE THING IN THE WORLD. Anyway, this morning I woke up and BANG! The house shook. I went downstairs to check on my cabbage patch. All of them seemed fine until I saw the last cabbage. It was more round than usual and most surprising of all. IT WAS GREY. Nervously, I ran back into the house and called the farmer that gave me them. I was talking to him when I looked out the window and found out. THEY ALL TURNED GREY.

The Day I Got Stuck In A Forest

Once I was in a forest and I got stuck in there. After I was looking around in the forest, I saw a duck. As I was heading towards the duck, it started to get hot and the heat was unbearable, so I left it alone. I  was talking to myself while finding a place where I could sleep, relax and have a happy place somewhere. While I was looking I found some ingredients  to make bread and I went back to the duck so I could lead him out of the sun.

Today was the hottest day of my life

Today was so hot and boring so I called my friends, Nadia and Skye over and they had ice cream. I asked where they got it from and if they could get me some, but they just looked at each other and laughed. I was staring at them like crazy, the heat was unbearable so I just got it myself. They said they were going to a fair and asked me to come but like hell was I going! I thought I was going to get so hot I might even pass out. I said a straight up no and they sighed and thn said they were going home.