marmite mayhem

One day I was enjoying a nice marmite sandwich.  I was alone and nobody knew I liked marmite.  They thought I liked chocolate sandwiches which I do, but I also like marmite.  I heard footsteps so I hid the sandwich and they sat down. I asked them, ‘Do you like marmite?’  They said, ‘NO THAT STUFF IS HORRIBLE!’  I jumped because it scared me and they walked away.  Next another person came who saw me eating and he asked me, ‘Do you like marmite, because I don’t? ‘No I said I like marmite.’

no he said I like…

One day there was a boy called Jack. One morning he woke up and had his yummy cereal and then he had a shower and did his hair, got dressed, brushed his teeth, and went down stairs to see his mum!

mum: morning honey

Jack: morning!

* turns dinner time*

mum: Jack what do you want for dinner?

Jack: a ham sandwich!

mum: what I didn’t hear you

Jack: ham sandwich

mum: okay

Jack: wait, no marmite

mum: you don’t like that though

Jack: I like Marmite

mum: oh okay!



Marmite time

One time we were going to a restaurant and it was far away.  We are going in a few hours because it was so far away.  When we set off, I was really bored. And then there was a crash which delayed us. When we finally got there, we ordered our drinks and food.  We did not hear what Jack had asked for. When the food arrived, we smelt something. We did not know what it was, but he told US!  It was marmite. We said, ‘We hate that.’

He said, ‘But I like marmite…’

The statue and the horse

One day I won the lottery, and I became rich so I decided to buy my own farm.  I loved it. I had to get up every morning to feed the cows, chickens, horses and sheep.  My favourite was the horse called Stripe because of the stripe on his nose. One day I got up to see Stripe,  but he wasn’t there and, instead there was a metal scarecrow.  I searched the farm all day and night. He was nowhere. The next day, I went to my grandad’s house. When I went in the back garden, Stripe was there. I was so happy!

Ellie’s adventures Ep 1

                                                                           Hi I’m Ellie and my grandma always told me about this stupid myth.  Of course I don’t believe it.  But one day my friend nagged  me so much I agreed to go look for it. She was so excited so I didn’t tell her that it wasn’t real, but I was wrong…  It was real. It was a metal statue that was doing the T-pose.  It looked like it was wearing a hat which was very old. In fact, it was nearly broken.  Of course me and my friend wanted to investigate more, but it was already night-time and it was time to go home. When we got home, my grandma was furious.  She said that she didn’t want us going anywhere near that statue ever again.