The buried treasure

Once there was a little boy called Elliot he wanted to be just like a pirate when he grew up.  He believed a myth that there was a pot of not gold but diamonds, his parents Tony and Tina thought that I think was too dangerous, but one dark night Elliot snuck out with a notebook he got somewhere. He got upset because he was lost,  then he saw the pot of diamonds so he sprinted back but someone saw him. It was a pirate, a real live pirate.  The pirate grabbed him on the shoulders and something happened…

The time travel

Once there was a little boy called Jamie who wanted to be a time traveller when he grew up.  His dad Tom helped him build a great fantastic time machine.  They were planning to go to the year 4020, so they got their supplies and said goodbye to Tom’s wife Brianna.  Then they set off and at first they both were scared, but they got more and more comfortable by the minute.  When they finally got there, there in front was a wasp and it was following them at the speed of light. They ran and ran but the wasp didn’t stop following them. Finally it stopped but this happened…

The Lost Kid

It was a sunny day and there was a family living on the brink of an enchanted forest. The family were playing in the huge garden that their dad made he also built a maze that hid a diamond. But whoever entered the maze, always got back to the start. The three kids went into the maze and started sprinting all over the place the brother found the diamond by using a book of maps. He upset the youngest sister when he shouted I found it. He didn’t know that he was lost. ‘’Was this really the only diamond dad hid?’’

Diamond sword

“Noooooooo! A skeleton killed me,” screamed Allen. He knew he should have made a diamond sword before trying to defeat the skeleton but was this really the only way to solve the problem he didn’t think so. He was so upset that he couldn’t be as mature as always. “Allen are you paying that mind rottening minecraft again?” called Linda (his mum). “Go read a book and if not you will be banned from minecraft for a week and will do more homework!” added his mum. There of course was no other option than reading a dusty ancient book also known as a normal book where you can find anywhere that isn’t very old. His brain was sprinting out of his skull all these words 25 pages, he thought it would take him atleast 2 years. Now he was so lost and even more upset. All he wanted to do was play minecraft.

Now kids what is today’s lesson don’t play on the computer to much and go outside or read a book.

the mysterious man

One morning a boy called John was heading to school on a Friday.  He was really happy since it was the last day of school. On the way he saw a creepy man standing on the road.  He had long black hair, dangling hair,  damp dirty old clothes and black pants blacker than the night sky. As he passed, the man lifted his head up and stared at John.  As John ran the man started whispering but you couldn’t hear what he was saying on the way back the man was still standing on the side of the road. John just ignored the man as he walked past he noticed something different there was an old mouldy house behind the man.  As he came to pass, the man he snatched the boy and he was never seen again.