The Mischievous Ghost part two

The ghost had turned into a purple ferocious dragon so I ran but it just blocked the path and I had no exit. I saw a plane, but it was at the time when it just wouldn’t take off, so I was trapped in the forest with the ghost. I was scared and I didn’t know what to do. I asked the ghost if it would leave me alone, but it said, “No, you dared to go into the haunted forest of forbidden doom.”  I realized what the ghost was talking about, I was in the worst forest ever. I then knew what I could do. “If I set you free, will you let me go?” I asked it.

“Yes but only if you set me free.” it replied. I told the ghost yes so I did and then I was able to go back out the forest.

the boy who made the rocket

Once there was a little boy  who loved the outer space.  He wanted to be a astronaut and  he always looked at the stars. His room looked like the out of space.   Then he  decided to make a rocket.  A week later it was made.  He decided at night to try and get into the rocket to make it take off.  But it did not take off so he tried and tried again.  But it did not work so he did  some repairs and he went to bed.  The next day he tried it again and he’d finally worked what to do.  After that long time, it worked and he went to outer space and became an astronaut.

the rocket

Hi I’m Juliet and I’m building a rocket at the moment.  I had just  finished it and it was testing time.  I was a bit scared but I did it! I got my snacks in case I was hungry 😐😶😵don’t ask.  When it just wouldn’t  take off, I was a bit angry 😕😠😡. But I got off it and started fixing it just before It set OFF. I said, ”Wow really😵” I  stood there as the rocket flew in the air with smoke  coming off it.  I was really frustrated I mean how would you like it to happen to you.

The plane

We were running late on an important day.  We spent so much money on this holiday that we couldn’t miss it. We got to the airport and we were running for our lives.  Some how we got on the plane but it did not move.  We waited for so long and it just wouldn’t take off.  All that money not for it to take off.  Then we all had to get off so they could test the plane.  When we got back on, it still would not fly.  They looked at the engine and it had a problem.  They fixed it and after a bit, we went on holiday…

the cupcake eagle part 1

Once I was eating a waffle when a giant portal opened below my chair! “Huh that’s weird” . When I got through the portal, the first thing I saw was a giant cupcake eagle. “Hey where did my waffle go!” I shouted.  All of a sudden, a tiny waffle dog with a bite out of it on its tail came through the portal. “Hey, is THAT my waffle?” I asked.

” Yep,” replied waffle  dog.

“Do you want to ride a cupcake eagle?” asked the dog.

“Sure !” I shouted.

When we found a cupcake eagle, we got on it but it wouldn’t take off! “Try feeding it  a waffle!” said the dog. So I fed it a waffle and it took off to the cheese forest.