The Man That Created It All

John Hammond, the man that got eaten by Compsognathus made dinosaurs. One of them was the Spinosaurus and it was too dangerous to put on Isla Nublar, so he put it on Isla Sorna near Costa Rica. A family went on holiday, one man, one girl and one daughter and one boat crew.  The daughter went to explore and found a group of Compsognathus and got eaten. Let’s skip forward to the end of the story there was an orange T-Rex and Spinosaurs in the middle of Sandiego. The T-Rex went to the back of the house and eat the dog and slowly destroyed the telephone box. And the boy cried the end the movie is called the lost world Jurassic Park

bloody honey

The bell went and I was in trouble. By the way I’m Winnie The Pooh But as a human. The police came and I sprinted out of there at the speed of a cheetah as they came in. I hid in a bush and found a pot of bloody honey . I ate it and I became an maniac I punched a police man and grabbed his shotgun and blasted it like mad. Then I was sent to a maniac prison but my amazing stories shall continue . There are lots of clones so I will break out soon.

Today Was Wrong

One day me and my friends Oscar, Skye and Sienna we all were thinking of doing something really odd and dangerous. And then we decided to go and rob a bank and that’s what we did.  As we were in the bank,  the bell went and we were in trouble and we knew it… We saw so many police cars outside and we just hid in the vents but only one of us got caught…

You may be thinking that it was me, but no it was my friend Sienna. We did have to give the money back for her to get out of jail since she was the only one who got caught.


Today I got ready for school. When I got there, we had five minutes until class so me and my friend Faith decided to  pulled  the fire alarm.  It was crazy!  When we did, we all had to stand outside but me, Faith, Oscar, Sienna and Skye stayed in because they said we were the main suspects.  The police checked the cameras.  As soon as they had finished, they came in and they pointed at me and Faith saying it was them.  When they sorted it, me and Faith agreed to never doing it again.  When school was finished, we got some ice cream .

Jeff Goldblum and Chris Pratt

There were two people called Jeff Goldblum and Chris Pratt, we can call them Jeff and Chris for short. One day in school Jeff and Chris were doing some naughty things and calling people names. Their school, like some others, had a bell. The bell would tell you to go out when it was break time. They started doing more mean things at break, every single day! In the teachers’ eyes they were good, amazing little kids. In the other students’ eyes, they were little horrors. One day the teacher noticed what they were doing and they noticed the teacher had seen them. The next day, the bell went, and they knew they were in trouble…