The secret xbox pad by Billy

One day my Mum bought me a dog and the dog went with my sister on a walk.  They had some money so they bought me a new treat and the treat was a new gaming pad.  The pad was cool – it was a magic gaming pad and it made me win every game I played.  Then eventually, I got mad because I was sick of winning every game so I threw my xbox pad and it hit a picture of my mum and dad.   My dad had passed away in a car crash and my Mum walked straight in and screamed and I said, “I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!” and then I was grounded for 7 years…

the three brothers by Ellis

There once were two boys called Ellis and Shane who had special powers.  They were brothers and they had another brother called Max.  He was a psychopath and he was only 5 years old.  They always had each others backs and one day they were in their house playing. Their mother had an ancient vase.  When Max was playing baseball, he was making it fly with his powers. Then Ellis and Shane whacked the ball with their super strength.  Their mother was fuming.  The next day the brothers kept saying, “but we did not mean to hit it that hard.” From then on they never were seen again.

The window smash by James

One time there were two kids called Tom and Ben. Ben was at Tom’s house and they picked some games.  Tom said, “football?” Ben said, “No.” Ben was saying No it’s too boring or he doesn’t know how to play it or if he does it something happens and then Ben said you don’t wanna know what happened so then soon Tom said, “Baseball?” It was a yes. Ben hit it too hard and Tom’s mum walked out and she saw it, so Ben said, “I’m so sorry but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.”

She replied, “You’re fine.”

The boys who had a terrible fight! by Mia

One day this boy called Tom came back from high school asking if he could go to his friends house. His mum said that it was ok, so he walked to is friend’s house.  When he got there, his friend said, ”do you want to play some video games?”

Tom said, “Sure.” So they did. Tom lost the game and pushed the TV.

His friend SHOUTED sooooo loud and said, ”WHY DID YOU PUNCH THE TV!!!!!!!!!!”

Tom said, “But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard,” and with a tear he turned and walked away. The boys didn’t talk ever again…

My Brother’s Laptop by Melody

About a month ago, I was playing on my older brother’s laptop. I was playing my absolute favourite game. I lost the level straight away! Although I didn’t mind because it was only my first attempt. Over and over I kept failing. I was sick of this monstrous level! Why can’t levels be easier? I tried it once more and STILL failed! As quick as a flash, I smashed the laptop. Right then my parents walked in. “I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!” I shouted. I still need to pay my brother another £3000 for a new laptop…