The Outrageous Gorilla

In the forest there was a strong and heavy, black gorilla that looked like King Kong.  One day he got into a fight with the strongest gorilla but the strongest gorilla beat up the other gorilla.  One day later…The strong and heavy, black gorilla were training by punching trees. A few days later, he destroyed a tree and damaged it. So he had proven himself that he could beat the strongest gorilla.  When he fought the strongest gorilla he was victorious!


”Where should we go today?” asked Tony. ”I don’t know.” said David. ”I know we can go to the cliff tops and have a picnic there,” exclaimed Pam. ”Great idea.” said Linda.
So they drove up to the cliff tops and brought their picnic. Tony and David brought their cameras along too and they’re lucky they did, for there was a great view. Whilst the girls were chatting and setting up the picnic, Tony was standing at the edge of the cliff and David was on the other side of the cliff, Tony slipped on some mud and the girls ran to catch him. Luckily he caught a strong branch.  The girls shouted, ”HOLD ON!”.

”I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted…

The Dangerous Cliff

There were two people called Jimmy and Timmy.  One day they were going hiking on a cliff, but something bad happened.”Come on Jimmy.”said Timmy. “OK,OK I’m coming, “moaned Timmy.  But when Timmy got to the top of the cliff, Jimmy was left behind.  When he finally got to the top, he slipped.”HELP ME!” he screamed.”Well hold on then.”said Timmy.”I’m trying to hold on!” he screamed.”Let me help you up then,”he said worriedly.  So Timmy used all of his strength to get him up.”Thank you,”Jimmy said exhausted from all of the bottom to the top of the mountain.

The Tresspassers

The young boy walked through the fog-infested swamp-like garden. Loitering was was bad enough, but trespassing was a dangerous job even for him. ‘ and up’ he went as he leapt over a ditch.

“Whoa!” he wailed as he tripped up. He looked back slowly and saw a sign it read ‘code 130’ written in blood.  Running like sonic and the flash combined. ”Ouch!” he said as he ran into a door.
“Ow!” the boy wailed in pain. Suddenly he saw a code pad and put in 130. The door opened and he wandered in…

He was never seen again, but everybody in Avocado Ave heard the screams…

The Fall

One day there was a group of four children. Their names were Daisy, Hazel, George and Alexander.They were out on a picnic halfway up a mountain called Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for the summer holidays.
While they were eating, George said, ” After we have finished eating we should climb right to the very top of this mountain.
” WOW what a brilliant idea,” said Daisy and Hazel in sync.
” Did you know that this mountain is 5,895 metres tall?” exclaimed Alexander with a sarcastic tone so he could mimic what his sister would sound like. When they reached the top of the mountain, George said, “Let’s play tag!” So they played tag. Then there was a deafening scream. They all rushed over to the edge of the mountain. There was Alexander hanging on by two hands.
“Hold on!” shouted Hazel.
“I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted.
Then he fell…