The shy elephant

Deep in the jungle, there lived a herd of elephants but one of them was different her name was Ellie she was different because she was very reserved and kept to herself. She wasn’t as loud as the rest of the herd. The other animals thought that she was rather strange because she never spoke or stuck up for herself when they made fun of her. Ellie was upset and the reason that she didn’t stick up for herself was because she was worried she wouldn’t be able to get her words out. However, Ellie had one good friend called George that stuck by her no matter what – he understood her and her lack of confidence.  One day George had enough and summoned the herd then the elephant delivered his speech.  

Stampy the talking elephant

Today we went to circus, I was super excited, I had heard amazing things about this circus including a talking elephant.

We watched in amazement as the dancers did lots of cartwheels, somersaults and the clowns made us all laugh.

I enjoyed eating popcorn and cheering all the performers along.

Next came the moment we had all been waiting for when the elephant delivered his speech!

“Hello hello hello, I hope you enjoyed today’s performance!”

 We were all so shocked that the elephant could really talk! Something I had never seen before.

It was the best day of my life.

animal comedy

Everybody was spreading rumours how King Bottom-head Elephant the 1st was lieing ’bout his name being King Bottom-head Elephant the 1st. In this case he needed this to stop so he made a meeting to say his speech, to the citizens of Butt kingdom. The meeting room was full of chatter until… the king arrived. Then the elephant delivered his speech, “I as your, butt king have heard the rumours, my name is really Bottom-head Elephant, us elephants should cheer each other on!” the butt king exclaimed as every citizen listened. “Do you remember when we had to cross the road because the chicken was on a vacation at McDonalds, we cheered each other on.” Sadly reader this has to end somewhere… BUY THIS MOVIE GET FREE 20 BOXES OF FERRERO ROCHER BUY 1 GET 20 FREE!

The Explorer

In Cancún, Mexico 1932, it was a bright, sunny day. An explorer was packing for his next adventure.
The adventure was in the Amazon Rainforest.
The day he left he was gifted with many things, but the one loved the most was the one his daughter gave him. It was a gold copper bracelet.
In the Rainforest he was trying to find a mysterious glowing frog. When he got there, he searched all over the place. But then he got lost! Instead of finding the glowing frog he found an ancient viola. And inside the viola was the glowing frog!!!

The school trip

One school day, Molly and Joshua were waiting for their teacher to tell them the big announcement about where their school trip would be. Mr.Smith came in the classroom and said, “So everyone tomorrows trip will be at a ancient gold mine that has been lost for years meany people has searched for the gold but no one has succeeded to find the gold!” He continued, “Legend has it that in the early 1800’s there was a very power full king who was even more protect full of his belongings including his gold!” The next morning at 6:59 am, Lola woke up shouting ecstatically saying “SCHOOL TRIP TODAY!!” Joshua woke up tiredly. At school, Mr.Smith did the register and went to the coach. At the mining site, Molly heard a faint viola sound.