The day I went to Weymouth

So I had to got to bed at 6 pm and then get up at 5 am.  I was so tired that my dad’s girl friend’s mum came and picked us up.  We walked to the car  and my dad went in his sister’s car, so me and my step mum went in her car.  We got out of the car and got some dinner.  I had KFC – it was yummy.  Then we got back in the car and I had some food.  When we got out off the car again, we played with the baby. When we got to Weymouth, we went to the fair grand.  I went on the buzz it was so so fun and fast and  then I went on a really fast one –  I was sick it was too fast.  Oh and the caravan was amazing it had a balcony.



One day I woke up and looked at the light blue pretty sky  and got ready for my talent show.  I did my hair brushed my teeth and had some breakfast.   I was so nervous for today and I was ready to go.  So I went out the door and started walking to the talent show.  I saw cars passing and saw light and dark green trees and then I saw prickly bushes.  I tried not to touch them and I was so so happy but nervous too.  When I got there, it was my turn to go on stage and I played my violin and then I finished and everybody clapped.


I went to the desert and brushed by some green prickly cactus which scratched my legs.  Then I walked by an old violin which was scary because it had a witch’s head on it!  Next I stopped by a huge boulder and laid down, but a rat came to investigate me.  So I went again on my adventure but I stopped and got a drink from the stream for my throat, because I was boiling.  Suddenly, I thought of the violin with the witch’s head and started running. I tripped and fell on a cord which must have been a trap.  I was stuck! 

The Farm

I was in a farm and I saw a prickly tree.  I was with my brother and he saw the prickly tree. He liked the prickly tree. we went back home. I said to my brother we will go tomorrow again. The next day it was raining, so I said to my brother maybe we can go to a pizza place.  We drove and it was a long way. But after we were there foe 1 hour, we went back home.  It was about 7 o’clock and we went to bed .  The next day it was sunny, so we went to the farm again.   My brother was so happy  there and there was even a rainbow. 

The massive work trip

Ella woke up in her little cottage and got up a brushed her teeth and went to her new job.  She did not know  where it was, so she got lost in a desert.  She got out her car a started walking and scraped her leg on a prickly cactus.   Then she fell over a violin, an old violin.   She got up and picked it up and tried to make a song.  It went like this ‘once upon a time there was an angel’. I’m not gonna finish the whole song cos its really big sorry.  Anyway, Ella went back to her car and tried to find her way back home and she did the end.